Introducing PanelRight

Are you a high volume electronics manufacturer? Do you use one “standard” size panel for all your manufacturing needs, or perhaps choose between 2 or 3? Using this strategy is cost effective in less than 5% of cases! At PanelRight, we provide customized solutions for your panel needs. Allow us to demonstrate upfront the advantages and major savings PanelRight can provide you today!


"PanelRight is now pleased to be offering its design services to the rest of the high volume electronics producers, anywhere in the world."


Established and fully vetted with 10 years of research in the private commercial electronics industry, PanelRight is now pleased to be offering its design services to all high volume electronics producers, anywhere in the world. If the following scenarios sound familiar, there is a PanelRight service for you:

•If your raw circuit board is one of the top 5 most expensive line items in your printed circuit board Bill of Material
•If your contract manufacturer provides you a conventional panel design or your entire Electrical and Mechanical team works for days to puzzle out a panel

If you identify with either of these scenarios, you’re likely spending up to 25% more than you should. With extensive experience squeezing pennies, nickels and dimes out of design, PanelRight can provide you with those savings.

The success behind PanelRight is the application of high utilization designs, achieving the most highly efficient panel possible. Industry wide, 85% is the average utilization achieved. Boards are priced by square inch and higher utilization saves you money. Our passion at PanelRight is to deliver you panel options with greater than 90% utilization


Share your current circuit profile with PanelRight and PanelRight will find you your lowest panel cost, guaranteed.
PanelView: Free analysis of your portfolio. Know your should cost along with a competitive quote. Contact PanelRight with your current panel specifications or PCB stl model or dxf top down profile to and A) Know what you should be paying, B) Discover how you can maximize your savings and C) forever end over paying for your printed circuit boards. This is a collaborative, iterative process where PanelRight partners with you to find your lowest cost PCB design. Connect at and start saving money. NDA and contract agreements available.
PanelView: Free.
PanelKnow has extensive knowledge of available panel sizes, but we won’t stop there. We review every manufacturers’ standard panel to ensure you are selecting the most efficient design available worldwide, period. PanelKnow provides immediate savings on rigid PCB costs by determining the most cost-efficient rigid PCB circuit panel with a breakthrough digital 3D process to model current production panel configuration and return the most efficient panel, by volume and price.
PanelKnow: $2,500USD per design iteration or 25% of the savings generated.
PanelMax provides more customization, asking if combining more than one circuit to create a family panel is a better option for you. Multi circuit family panels have been proven to be the most efficient designs, optimizing manufacturing from a design, purchasing, operations, and cost standpoint. Other PanelMax services include providing upfront design savings, such as where trimming 1mm increases utilization, evaluating how large your circuit profile can grow in size without increasing cost, and considering a limit to how many circuits per panel to efficiently test. We also handle designs which include high components or connector overhang constraints in the design. Your irregular shaped circuits are our specialty. This industry-exclusive PanelMax process iterates out cost and design for manufacturing, maximizing savings by encompassing mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, and testing.
PanelMax: $5,000USD per design iteration or 25% of the savings generated.
A special introductory offer for our first time customers-PanelU! Combine PanelKnow and PanelMax services with an onsite visit from one of our experts. We invite your designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, manufacturing and test departments to learn about all the benefits and savings PanelRight can offer as we review your specific board with your staff. Purchase PanelU to see how to get the most out of a PanelRight design.
PanelU: $2,500USD per event.
Complete optimization design services to accommodate customer requirements including Test and Manufacturability DFMA for single or multi curcit family panels.
PanelProPlan: Contract requirements: 10+ circut minimum @ $1000 per circut
Keep PanelRight on Retainer for 1 year.
PanelWrite:7.5% Total Printed Circit Board Annual Spend

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