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The Electronic Components Marketing Group (ECMG or The ECM Group) is a global manufacturers’ representative organization, as well as U.S. distributor of high quality printed circuit boards. ECMG has partnered with a network of qualified PCB factories that are ISO 13485, ISO 14000, and IATF 16949 certified. Combined expertise and capabilities enable us to support your PCB needs anywhere in the world. ECMG has strong customer relationships with field support resources close to our customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe.  Our fully vetted, low-cost offshore manufacturing base enables us to deliver a complete solution at globally competitive prices.


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Manager Tom Askew [picture] a recognized Industrial Engineer with decades saving millions for the High Tech Electronic Manufacturing and Development private sector now available to the rest of the world.

Established and fully vetted with 10 years of research in the private commercial electronics industry, PanelRight is now pleased to be offering its design services to all high volume electronics producers, anywhere in the world. If the following scenarios sound familiar, there is a PanelRight service for you:

•If your raw circuit board is one of the top 5 most expensive line items in your printed circuit board Bill of Material
•If your contract manufacturer provides you a conventional panel design or your entire Electrical and Mechanical team works for days to puzzle out a panel

If you identify with either of these scenarios, you’re likely spending up to 25% more than you should. With extensive experience squeezing pennies, nickels and dimes out of design, PanelRight can provide you with those savings.

The success behind PanelRight is the application of high utilization designs, achieving the most highly efficient panel possible. Industry wide, 75% is the average utilization achieved. Boards are priced by square inch and higher utilization saves you money. Our passion at PanelRight is to deliver you panel options with greater than 90% utilization.

PanelRight delivers A Greener PCB because there is less waste being used to produce.
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"It became apparent that there were substantial cost reduction opportunities available… [PanelRight] was able to assess the panel utilization of different alternative designs in a short amount of time, allowing the design team to converge quickly on the board outline that would minimize board costs."

Rob Parker - Consumer Electronics Engineering Leader

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"No one does what [PanelRight] does, you need to do this for the world."

Bob Mills - Global PCB Industry Leader